Rock Your Paradox

below is from another entry by Danielle Laporte: “Rock Your Paradox“.

If you’re being your whole, real, true, GENUINE, “authentic” self…you are going to be a walking, talking, tweeting, PARADOX. This is a good thing.

Because WISDOM is paradoxical.

True wisdom can hold opposing points of views and behaviours and transcend them.

The white hot truth. Which is my wish for you — because if you can honour and be proud of your paradoxes, you’re going to be just fine.

Because I’m suggesting that you:

  1. Love yourself first and foremost…and then get off your ass and be selflessly engaged in the world.
  2. Raise your standards. High…and be way more flexible and accommodating.
  3. Forgive…and don’t forget.
  4. Honour the spiritual masters, be reverent…and be your OWN guru.
  5. Be open-hearted…and have very clear, strong boundaries.
  6. Be understanding…and don’t take any shit.
  7. Have a clear vision…and go with the flow.
  8. Trust the universe…and do the work.
  9. Have strong preferences…and be easy to please.
  10. Get real…and be idealistic.

Because it’s up to you…and we’re all in this together.

And hey…we have all the time in the world,

But this is urgent.


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