creating my first topic series

so with my getting a regular writing schedule, I’m hoping to have some pretty constant topics in the long-run.  like, “Wednesday’s Writing Prompt” or “Thoughts for Thursdays”, and other alliterative things.  but for now, I think I’ll start with “Week-End Wrap-Up”, to be written/posted on either Saturday or Sunday.

I can’t decide the exact topic, however.  at first, I was thinking that I would do a basic recap of my week.  and if a person was not interested in my day-to-day life, they could simply just skip reading it.  (but I’ll be honest, there’s sometimes some really interesting things that happen to me, even on “normal” days.)

then I thought that maybe my “wrap-ups” should be that of projects.  it might help to encourage me to complete tasks and projects.  but then I considered that I don’t really complete one project a week.  so I’m not sure I’m going to go with that one.

do you have any ideas?  and it can be for any day, not just “Week-End Wrap-Up”.  I just figured that would be the easiest.


leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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