that darn cat

we thought The Cat had escaped.  like, completely.  we thought it got out of the Office and left through Zero’s pet door back out into the wild.  this has been a concern since Thu afternoon.

we moved this week’s Date Nite to Monday, and we almost just didn’t have it because I was having a breakdown about this stupid cat.

then this morning, Brian swears he heard a noise in front of him, while Zero was behind him.  also, dry food that we had forgotten about (outside the live traps) was all gone, and it was on top of the giant tower — where Zero is very unlikely to go.  there was also something knocked off the tip top of the highest bookcase — also a non-Zero location.

so there’s a possibility…

I just wish we knew for sure.  and I really hope we catch her before my parents come up in five days…

4 thoughts on “that darn cat

    • oh yeah, I guess an update on the hand would be helpful. lol.
      it’s still a little sore and weak, but otherwise MUCH better. I’m driving again, and I can write with it. I also am going back to kickboxing. so I’m pleased enough.

      the cat is completely and utterly feral. she was a “rescue” cat from Mexico. I’m not even technically fostering for The Organization. rather, Contact is in charge of The Org, and I’m doing Contact a favour. does that make sense?

      Motherfucking Bastard is totally feral. as such, mean when she thinks she has to be.

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      • Holy crap. So she’s still there? Just hanging out?

        It makes sense, fostering the cat for the Contact. Kind of one of the reasons I couldn’t foster. Either I’d get an asshole cat that would be mean to my two cats, a feral, or the cutest and sweetest cat ever and I wouldn’t want to give them up.

        Glad your hand is getting better and you didn’t have to have it chopped off.

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