Building Greater Self-Reliance: Day 03

31 Journaling Prompts for Building Greater Self-Reliance:  Day 03

“I would write on the lintels of the doorpost, Whim. I hope it is somewhat better than whim at last, but we cannot spend the day in explanation.”

― Emerson

If we don’t trust our whims to guide our exploration of possibilities for our lives, we’ll quickly find ourselves relying on others for answers.

What areas of your life have you shut off to whims? Are there any you’ve written off? How might you try following them responsibly? (Is it writing an outline for a ridiculous-sounding blog post? Picking up that book that feels “unproductive”? Joining the boxing gym you pass daily? Asking that girl out you’ve had your eye on? Booking the trip you’ve been thinking about?)

I used to have an incredibly eclectic sense of attire.  even when dressing for work at the library back home, I always had something a little “off” about me, as some have said.  and still yet, I’d get home and get into something “more comfortable”, which was often more bizarre.

but these days, I’ve given up.  at my first review up here at the law firm, I was told to dress everyday like I might meet with a client.  sure, I haven’t actually taken that to heart too terribly. but it absolutely has sunken into my skull some. I let it affect me too much. affect me at my core.

I get home, and I just stay in the same outfit all evening long. then over the weekends, I don’t put any effort into my attire. not even when I have something fun planned. I just half-assed getting dressed.

yes, I realise that there are several reasons for this. one of which is obviously due to the horrid depressions into which I fall during the winter. another is how you have to wear so many fucking layers in the winter up here, so dressing “fun” is much more difficult.

but A] it’s not impossible; and B] winter is not the entire year (just most of it). so I especially with the end of winter weather supposedly nearing (it snowed most of today, April the 10th), I need to really put forth an effort in just being weird again. in being me.

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