James Parker, the Cracked Southern Belle.  what is there to say about her?

well, firstly, know that she suffers from crippling Depression.  technically, she’s diagnosed with bipolar (as well as OCD, generalized anxiety, adult ADHD, REM behavior disorder, and a few others).  but it’s the Depression that consumes her life.

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she’s a tomboy (thus her going by James) born in 1986.  she’s a mixed stereotype — nerd, adventurist, book-lover, elitist, compassionate volunteer, and leader.

she graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2004 with a 3.5 in Linguistics (the study of languages).  her occupations have included heliport interim manager, professional photography studio interim manager, bookkeeper, security guard, retail worker, office manager, stable-hand, call center rep, and librarian (technically “library specialist”).

in August 2015, James, her boyfriend, and her cat all uprooted their lives in southern Louisiana to move across the country to the not-so-Great White North.  life has been difficult since she’s been here, but she’s been making do.

her main passion is WritingWords set her Free.  and sharing her Words validates her existence.

what about you?
what do you have to say?

leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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