a non-sarcastic “THANKS!” to Medica :D

y’all.  I’m stoked.  like, seriously.  I cannot thank the reps at Medica enough for actually helping me out with my insurance disaster.

so if you recall, last Tuesday, I made a post about the battle I was having in getting my insurance going.  well, a rep from Medica saw my post, and call me the following Friday.  he left a voicemail saying how unfortunate my situation was and how he could help out.

of course, I was hesitant — 1] I never have this good of luck, and/or 2] this is going to be a scam.  Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a scam!  I researched the number he left, the number he called from, and the story he told about finding my blog and why he was reaching out.

I learned the Medica is trying to really get on the ball about providing good customer service — so much so, they are reaching out to persons in social media rather than waiting for the customer to reach out to them.  and my situation is a happy result of that.

long story shirt, my rep Jerid (who has a cool spelling of his name, btw), explained a little of what happened and a lot of what the solution would be.  and I would like to point out that he never tried to blame MNSure.  I personally have no idea who was at fault (may have even been me at some point, for all I’ve been able to make sense of the situation), I just wanted the problem solved.  and Medica did that.

he coordinated with MNSure, found my application, and manually passed it through some hoops.  when we re-discussed my getting prescriptions, he even said he would email a copy of my insurance card so I can relay the information to my pharmacies.

when I woke up yesterday morning, MY INSURANCE CARD INFORMATION WAS IN MY EMAIL.  omg, y’all, I was ecstatic!!  I immediately called the pharm and got them to get my ‘scripts ready.  I will be properly medicated soon!! 😀

so a very honest thanks to Jerid and his team from Medica and to whatever officials have really started pushing the offering of good, quality customer service.  I  can’t thank y’all enough for ending what was turning into a nightmare!


omg y’all, I get to pick up my ‘scripts tomorrow!  thank jeebus, because I was having to cut and/or space them out just to keep some in my system, since I had no idea when I could refill them.

I guess I just won’t ever have insurance…?

I started my current job in late September.  early October, I sent in paperwork to the state letting them know that I can now afford to get off the assistance insurance plan I was on.  I never heard anything, and kept getting services and meds for practically free.

December comes along, and I send in another completed form.  again, radio silence from them.

April 10th, I receive a letter stating that my coverage ended on March 30th.  firstly, thanks for the heads up.  secondly, finally.  (I can afford to pay for my own insurance, so I want to.  I want the funds to go to the people who need it, not to people who are scamming the system; and I didn’t want to be that person.)

so I get onto MNsure.org, which is the method that most Minnesotans use to find their insurance plan, and I submit my application.  a few days later, I log on, but it looks like nothing was fully processed.  so I was on the phone between MNsure.org (via whom I purchased the insurance) and Medica (the actual insurance company) countless times, being on hold and/or transferred for most of a phone call.  I’m talking 40-minute holds just to talk to the first person, much less all the bouncing back and forth that follows.  Medica: “tell MNsure this.”; MNsure: “well, tell Medica that.”  it was like being between two people standing face-to-face who are doing that “I’m not talking to Sally” thing.  wtf.

additionally so, these places are only open on typical 8-5 schedules.  I have  a 30-minute lunch, and I’m expected to magically make a 40-minute hold time fit into 30-minutes?  again, I ask: WHAT. THE. FUCK.

eventually I somehow speak with humans just last week who said they were pushing my application through.  YAY!  she adds that I need to make sure I’m not late on the first payment — whose invoice should arrive in 60 days.  wut?  why so long??  you know what, whatever.  I just need insurance right now.  I’ll deal with down the road then.  we know we have the money for it, so we’re good.  and if this lady is pushing through my application, that means soon I can get the prescriptions that have been waiting for me at my pharmacy.

I go online over the weekend to see about getting a temporary insurance card, or at least some ID and Rx numbers.  but nothing.  it’s still blank.

so yesterday I call around and learn that my application has not yet been pushed through. BAH!

so today, I cheated.  while I started the call at the beginning of my lunch.  I stayed on the call after lunch was over; I ensured I was doing work-stuff at the time, of course!  I wasn’t cheating that bad.  and they mentioned I could call 10-minutes early from my lunch to get through some of the hold time.  so whatever.  I need to get this handled.

after being on the phone with these organizations for OVER AN HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES TODAY ALONE, I gave up.  I’ll try again tomorrow.


at the one-hour mark, I was livid.

I think I’m just going to have to take a day or a half-day off and go to some office and handle this shit IRL.  because 1] I don’t want to get hit with a fine for not having insurance; 2] I need insurance for my meds and my docs.

speaking of which, I had to cancel my psych appointment for tomorrow because I HAVE NO INSURANCE.

I hate everything related to US health care right now.  like, even more than usual.

a more substantial update

a lot of changes have occurred in my life recently. even just within the last month, much more in the last six months or even year.



life is tough financially again. but nothing terrible.

I let Brian talk me into taking my car to the shop. to be fair, the tire rods were loose and my oil was leaking substantially. but that put us our well over $1300 or so.

we’re going home for Christmas, so that’s gonna cost us. you know, I only just realised that most people may have led with that as a major topic. or at least mentioned it in the former brief update. but meh; I’m not looking forward to it.

Brian is very excited to go, though. so that’s why I’m bothering. I just got this job and I’m already requesting several days in a row off. plus, it means my being awkward around his dad’s side of the family and my having to put up with my family. it also meant figuring out wtf to do with Zero. and guess who was going to end up arranging all of this — the very person who had no interest in this occurring. it was very frustrating.

anyway. so that is several thousands of dollars. Dad is helping us to fly Zero, Brian’s grandmother sent us some money, and Brian’s mum is helping us a lot. but still … so much money, all for me to be so miserable.


physical health

I’m back over 170lbs. but I’ve started working out everyday, and I’m choosing meals and quantities more wisely. it’s too cold for me to bike, so I’ve been weight lifting and trudging on the dreadmill.

a very large art of me wants to go to the running store not far from here and inquire about winter running. the times in the past when I best kept to my workouts were when I invested financially into them — gym membership, purchase of free weights, signing up for an adventure run, etc. maybe buying winter gear would help me get into gear. I know I would feel so badass saying I was a winter runner!

but then again, money….


mental health

ah, the big beasty topic. how am I doing inside my noggin? surprisingly well, actually. having the job and becoming more competent at it is helping. having to brainstorm for this RPG, I think, is helping too. I recently purchased a portable sun lamp; I basically live in front of it, lol. and as mentioned in the previous post, I have a group of friends; we’re not individually friends, but I like the group. there is a second group that I may like, but hanging out with them will prove to be more difficult, simply because of the differences between their lifestyles, the lifestyle I want, and the lifestyle Brian wants for me.  but we’ll see.

delayed posts

below are some posts I typed up on my tablet/netbook, but never managed to submit to WordPress.  ugh; I gotta get better about that, lol.

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another “no”

I’m Taylor, the content manager for Nerd Fitness and hiring manager for this position. I’m emailing today because just about a week ago you submitted an application to to help Steve get his life sorted out.

First off, thanks for your interest in the position, and for your love of all things NF. We are incredibly lucky to have you in our community.

We were blown away by the number of people who applied – over 350. We selected a few to move forward with and have already contacted them separately. We thank you for taking the time to apply, and will keep your submission should we ever open up future interview rounds or look for other positions!

We hope you’ll stay tuned for the next opening, and hope you continue to do awesome things for the Rebellion.


Taylor & Steve

blah. I haven’t heard back from King Show Games (Brian’s place) yet. though I did receive several emails from various government jobs that turned me down.

however, I may get a $12/hour part-time job with Home Depot. :/ better than nothing, I suppose.


this is all very discouraging.

a catch-up

so I finally caught up with all of your posts and blogs and stories and stuff.  even got a lot of my multiple email accounts cleaned up.  yay!

now then, onto the update….



last Tuesday, I finally had a therapy appointment. the lady doesn’t speak very clear English, so that’s difficult. I have a very precise way of speaking, I’m sure most of you’ve noticed. it’s hard for me to convey complex or dynamic ideas with her due to the language barrier. so discussions that should be short and quick are taking much longer, which means we cover less topics. so, I don’t know….

moreover, the bike ride there is an hour-plus  trip of hell. bus rides would be 2hrs. it would probably take Brian only 20m or so to drive me.  oh!, also, I’m apparently allergic to something that’s on that side of town. because since getting close until the next day: watery eyes, sneezing constantly, headaches, etc. I have never had to endure allergies before; I didn’t know what the fuck was happening at first!

additionally, she’s gonna be gone for over a month after this week.  wtf? so no clue of I’m gonna keep going. ::shrugs::  I mean, I have an appointment with her tomorrow (Saturday).  so we’ll see what she recommends from there.



first Thanksgiving away from my family. and honestly, totally okay with that.

but it was Brian’s and my first one alone together. he made lots of good food, I made a salad, and I drank more than I wish I had. but food makes me nervous. and I usually can’t survive large meals like that if I’m sober. so yeah.


Dry December

speaking of drinking, I’m challenging myself to a Dry December. only exceptions may be Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. those are legit holidays wherein it is absolutely okay to have a few drinks. but only a few, I know.

so yeah. I’ve already fucked it up a little.  had a little vodka this week.  but I had much less than I would have otherwise.  go me!



which is good, honestly.  because I think I have a UTI.  not cool at all.  taking some OTC meds, as well as some antibiotics I had leftover from my last UTI.  if I still have symptoms on Monday, I’m fucking going to a doctor.  UTI’s are the main reasons I end up over-night in hospitals.  blah.

meanwhile, I’ve started tracking my meals again. gotta get back into shape. I’m reaching 180 lbs — not cool.

last week, I started working out again. did so-so with keeping to it this week.  once the UTI set in, working out was not really an option.  instead, but I’m just trying to keep active at home.



things have been going well with him. we our tiffs; but as always, we get over them almost immediately. I am kinda worried he’s not telling me how much it bothers him that I still don’t have a job yet. and because of this, we don’t have enough money for him to go back to Louisiana for the holidays during his time off.



I am trying though; I really am. but the jobs that pay enough are only sales jobs, and the jobs that aren’t sales don’t pay enough. UGH. I’m going to have to take the next job offered to me though, no matter what it is. because we need the fucking money, and I need my fucking medication.

I just got out of an interview with Brian’s work, actually. it was stage 3 of 4. so we’ll see how it goes. I won’t hear back from them until Dec 11, the guy said. I can’t wait that long. so I’ll get what I can in the meantime. then if his work offers, I’M THERE!! because I really want this job!

it’s a Game Support Technician job. how badass is that? I’d find bugs in video slot machine games and catalogue them; I’d be hardware and software support for most everyone in the office; and I’d also do all kinds of other odds’n’ends duties.

HOWEVER, I am not holding my breath. I think I did poorly on the second interview, and I kind I did barely acceptable on this one.  and I doubt my getting Brian in trouble at work will help anything.  :/  (when he let me stay in his office between the luncheon and the interview — his supervisor apparently later scolded him against it.)

moreover, this position also requires travel; and as many of you know, I am restricted to the bus and my bike until at least March. also, I was honest that I’ll have to brush up on the details of my hardware knowledge. he didn’t seemed pleased about that. also, I was just my usual awkward self. I know I would learn quickly and do really great if I got it; but I think they’re going to find someone who is already “good enough” and who just looks shinier. so there’s that.



I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year at all. too depressed. hadn’t even been keeping up with my fantasy football team.

I joined in this round of Stellar-Realms. (it’s an online kinda-text RPG.) hopefully I’ll get more involved this time around.

meanwhile, I’m trying to get a play-by-post story going with a few select people. but I need to do a lot more work before I can really present the premise; and then it’ll take them forever to make characters. so I’m honestly going to shoot for sometime in January to get it going.

and hopefully, one of these fucking projects will ignite me back into working on Den Hélder (my much-too-neglected novel).


I tried. I did. today was shit. have been having shit luck finding a job. and today was awful.

was hoping to enjoy evening w Bri; distract self of how hard all this is, remind self is worth it.

but had a worse day. things at work fucked up. and he never figured out how to fix. so he gets home VERY late and pissy. he tried to keep cool. but we’re both overwhelmed and dejected.

he says will soak in tub and read, then strait to bed.

I wanted a drink since lunch. very actively bought none at grocer yester.

I tried all day to fight off. moreover, will be using his card as I have no more money saved.

I plan to workout and do all sorts of things to distract. even looked up AA meeting; but none nearby.

so was gonna wait until Brian got home. talk to him.

but he has no more spoons than I.

so we walked to the store. and now we’re walking home. and I owe Brian $15.00 that I don’t know when I’ll have….

EDIT: and of course I step in dog shit on the way home….