very true and powerful

[…] the universe is so achingly beautiful.  And we’re all in it together.  We’re all going in the same direction.  I’m not here to take control of the wheel.  Or to tell you what to believe.  I’m just here to tell you that it’s okay to stop.  To listen.  To change.

read the whole story here….. The Oatmeal – “Believe


it’s all about that first impression

…and my blog’s sucks.

I’m not crazy about my theme, honestly.  I mean, I like it well enough.  I wanted something that’s going to focus on text, but can still highlight images and tweets.

I suppose my biggest complaint is how bland the background is, and that my headline images are of such low quality.  but it’s what I could get with free stock photos.  I ought to out and break my own bell and photo it, lol.

I do like how easy it was to customize quickly.  I never totally finished it.  tsk tsk on me.  but it’s coming along….

WordPress University: 01- Blogging Fundamentals
Day Five: Love Your Theme

“My Anxious Heart”

Louisiana photographer Katie Crawford is familiar with the Anxiety Dance.  for her thesis exhibition, she created, My Anxious Heart, a series of photos that represent these struggles.

my favourites are below. you can read an article and interview about the project, or you can just visit her personal website.

UPDATE: oh look, she has a WordPress. 😀