a non-sarcastic “THANKS!” to Medica :D

y’all.  I’m stoked.  like, seriously.  I cannot thank the reps at Medica enough for actually helping me out with my insurance disaster.

so if you recall, last Tuesday, I made a post about the battle I was having in getting my insurance going.  well, a rep from Medica saw my post, and call me the following Friday.  he left a voicemail saying how unfortunate my situation was and how he could help out.

of course, I was hesitant — 1] I never have this good of luck, and/or 2] this is going to be a scam.  Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a scam!  I researched the number he left, the number he called from, and the story he told about finding my blog and why he was reaching out.

I learned the Medica is trying to really get on the ball about providing good customer service — so much so, they are reaching out to persons in social media rather than waiting for the customer to reach out to them.  and my situation is a happy result of that.

long story shirt, my rep Jerid (who has a cool spelling of his name, btw), explained a little of what happened and a lot of what the solution would be.  and I would like to point out that he never tried to blame MNSure.  I personally have no idea who was at fault (may have even been me at some point, for all I’ve been able to make sense of the situation), I just wanted the problem solved.  and Medica did that.

he coordinated with MNSure, found my application, and manually passed it through some hoops.  when we re-discussed my getting prescriptions, he even said he would email a copy of my insurance card so I can relay the information to my pharmacies.

when I woke up yesterday morning, MY INSURANCE CARD INFORMATION WAS IN MY EMAIL.  omg, y’all, I was ecstatic!!  I immediately called the pharm and got them to get my ‘scripts ready.  I will be properly medicated soon!! 😀

so a very honest thanks to Jerid and his team from Medica and to whatever officials have really started pushing the offering of good, quality customer service.  I  can’t thank y’all enough for ending what was turning into a nightmare!


omg y’all, I get to pick up my ‘scripts tomorrow!  thank jeebus, because I was having to cut and/or space them out just to keep some in my system, since I had no idea when I could refill them.

happy 18th birthday, LiveJournal

LiveJournal & DreamWidth

so LiveJournal shot itself in the foot for its US users.  it’s been on the decline for a while now, I’ve noticed.  but I think this may be the torpedo that finally sinks it.

I won’t go into all the details about why, because not everyone really cares about LiveJournal.  however, many of my blogging friends still use LiveJournal.  and many of them are finally switching to DreamWidth.

what does this mean to me?

well, it makes me want to clean up my DW and LJ accounts.  they still have the old “jtggodqos” username.  they still have that freedom/flight/road theme I ran with for a while.  but it’s $25 to switch a username on each, and it takes me a while to redo a theme because I’m very particular.  moreover, they have different theme platforms, so I’d be doing the coding and revamping twice.

at the same time, I’m really trying to create a unity in my social presence, a branding of sorts.  and I have long left “jtggodqos” in Louisiana where it belongs.

so I’m torn as to what to do….

honestly, I may force myself to work more overtime than usual to pull together $50.  because if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it all the way.  that’s just how I roll.

owning this blog

y’all, I really like my “cracked belle” persona.  the crackedbelle.com domain isn’t yet taken.  with money down the road, I hope to snatch it up.

at that point, I’ll have better images, and I’ll focus more on all the  tweaking I can do.  there’s only so much one can do with a free service, ya know.  and no funds.  I’d need to buy a new camera, because all I have right now is my phone.  😦

but I really do like the general theme, the motif of being a cracked southern belle, and of kintsukuroi (the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold and other rare materials, thereby making the damaged piece more valuable than the original).  thanks to Brian for the belle bit, and to milythael for kintsukuroi.

WordPress University: 01- Blogging Fundamentals
Day Seven: Start Personalizing Your Site


I used to have two About pages, when I first started this blog.  it was a nod to one of my favourite comic artists, Allie Brosh of “Hyperbole and a Half”.  what my second page had was just a few of those quizzes and stuff that you’d see.  it mentioned my zodiac sign for shits’n’giggles, my IMBT type and other personality classifications, etc.  it was fun, but pointless and cluttering.  so I removed it.

I finally updated my current About page just the other day.  not much changed; just my job, age, and a line or two about my move to Minnesota.  so I guess some major stuff, lol.  but I didn’t make a big deal out of it.

WordPress University: 01- Blogging Fundamentals
Day Six: Make an Irresistible “About” Page

it’s all about that first impression

…and my blog’s sucks.

I’m not crazy about my theme, honestly.  I mean, I like it well enough.  I wanted something that’s going to focus on text, but can still highlight images and tweets.

I suppose my biggest complaint is how bland the background is, and that my headline images are of such low quality.  but it’s what I could get with free stock photos.  I ought to out and break my own bell and photo it, lol.

I do like how easy it was to customize quickly.  I never totally finished it.  tsk tsk on me.  but it’s coming along….

WordPress University: 01- Blogging Fundamentals
Day Five: Love Your Theme

this post is about you

for the fourth task, it’s about identifying your audience.  I guess my audience is others with mental ailments.  I know my Twitter audience tends to be wrestling fans.

honestly, I just want my words to help someone.  the whole “you are not alone” thing people have — maybe I can be a part of that.

I would like my friends back home to be readers of this, but I’m not sure any of them are.  I am aware of a few IRL friends who do read, which is nice.  but it would be a nice way to keep my Louisiana friends updated about my life, preventing me from having to repeat myself when they ask how I’m doing or what I’ve been up to.  mais, c’est la vie.

anyway.  thank you to those who do read.  I thoroughly appreciate it.  and hopefully, I’ll start having more content now, lol.

WordPress University: 01- Blogging Fundamentals
Day Four: Identify Your Audience

my readings

the third session is about finding blogs to read.  for the last few months, I haven’t been reading any of the blogs I follow; I just don’t go to the WordPress reader.  so instead, I’ve set it to email me when someone updates.  that is going to result in me (hopefully) reading them all.  I also have a friend who blogs via DreamWidth still.  I need to catch up on his posts soon.

I follow a wide variety of stuff, but I mainly follow writers and those struggling with mental health.  I would list the bloggers that I read and follow the most, but it’s been so long, I don’t even know who’s posting regularly anymore.  😦  but hopefully I can do a shoutout in a few posts once I’ve caught up on my readings.

WordPress University: 01- Blogging Fundamentals
Day Three: Visit the Neighbors