explaining your Crazies

so you have a mental illness.  how do you explain it to someone?

there’s all kinds of little pamphlets and comics and other things that help out.  this is my personal collection of stuff to send to people who don’t get what it means to be Crazy.

I’ll try to keep updating this list as I stumble across more. 🙂

and always feel free to share any you may have found via the form at the bottom.  thanks!


The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino

Christine was explaining to her friend one day how crippling it is to live with lupus. she uses spoons as a visual depiction of the amount of energy she has in a given day. from there, she asks her friend to describe going about living a normal day. as the friend does, Christine removes spoons according to how much energy it might cost. it’s a quick little read and very insightful.


5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Mental Illness” by J. F. Sargent

an excellent article from a Cracked writer. his five items about which he goes into detail are as follows: “it’s freaking impossible to get treatment”, “the ‘system’ is made of a bunch of organizations that don’t communicate”, “mental illness has a lifetime membership”, “misdiagnoses are everywhere”, and “no one knows how these medications work”.
now of course, because it’s a Cracked article, the language is colorful and delivery humorous. so just be careful who you send this one to.


Adventures in Depression” and “Depression Part Two” by Allie Brosh

I am in love with Allie’s work. I totally pre-ordered her book when she first announced it. this girl really gets what it’s like to struggle with depression. and her artwork is very distinct and fun. many of her other comics are great; but naturally, these two are my favourite.


21 Comics That Capture the Frustrations of Depression” by Heben Nigatu

for your more visually-inclined friends, send them this BuzzFeed post that collects comics from a variety of artists. of course, because it’s BuzzFeed, it’s not very well credited. but hey, that’s not the point; the idea is to get your friend understanding what it’s like to be a Loon.


10 Comics That Can Help You Understand Mental Illness” by Lauren Davis

this list repeats a few from above.  however, it also includes physical comics and graphic novels.


Helpful Advice” by Robot Hugs

a cute and simple strip about how it would be if people treated physical illnesses like they do mental illnesses.


I Do Not Have an Eating Disorder” by Khale McHurst

this one is a little more specific to eating disorders, obviously. however, it’s still really powerful, and there’s many things that those without an ED can relate to.


For People Who Want to Help” by bipolardyke

this is not a visual aid, but rather a blog post.  he/she does a nice job of compiling some random suggestions about what your friend or family member can do to help you, without being a dumbshit and making things worse.


hopefully these will help you to explain your situation to your friends and family when they tell you to just “snap out of it”. 🙂 good luck!

have a suggestion about something that should be listed on this page?  send it my way!  you don’t even have to include any contact information, if you choose not to.  🙂

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