The Greatest Adventures


  1. One:  began caring about getting fit; got gym membership; began South Beach  [Sep 2011]
  2. Two:  joined NerdFitness and began first 6-Weeks Challenge  [Apr 2012]
  3. Three:  learned to cook; completed Level Up Club  [Jul 2012]
  4. Four:  be able to run; understand and embrace healthy eating habits; Run For Your Life  [Dec 2012]
  5. Five:  get out of Louisiana [Aug 2015]
  6. Six:  escape the “Great” White North
  7. Seven:  
    • get back down to consistently under 145 lbs
    • get into a Creative Writing program
    • finish a novel

check out more at my Pinterest “bucket list” board and accomplishments board.


  • complete “Hospital Den Hélder”
  • complete “Descensus”
  • complete “Operation Vertically Challenged”
  • publish one of the three pieces above
  • then publish more stuff
  • DM a campaign  [Apr 2017]
  • make my personal soundtrack
  • write my living will/health care directive  [May 2019]
  • write my will & testament

New Skills

  • learn to cook  [July 2012]
  • become more proficient in photography
  • maintain a small garden
  • become competent with a firearm


  • (re-)learn how to tie a tie
  • apply for grad school  [summer 2013]
  • enroll in a Creative Writing MFA program
  • earn a MFA in Creative Writing
  • earn MLIS
  • complete at least twenty-four new books in one year
  • fluent in four additional languages
    • Latin-based (French, Spanish)
    • classical/dead (Latin, Greek)
    • pictorial (Chinese, Japanese)
    • hard (both in difficulty and sound; German, Russian)

Books to Read

  • Monte Cristo
  • Moby Dick
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • all of Tolkien’s works
  • all of Shakespeare’s works
  • all of Poe’s works
  • everything I own



  • actually quit drinking  [Aug 2018]
  • maintain a healthy meal plan (most of which I cook myself)  [Dec 2012]
  • complete the Rebel Fitness Guide
  • get back down to consistently under 170lbs  [in progress Dec 2019]
  • get back down to consistently under 160lbs
  • get back down to consistently under 150lbs
  • get back down to consistently under 140lbs
  • get back down to consistently under 130lbs
  • acquire consistent body weight percentage of approximately 17 or weight of 125 pounds
  • be comfortable in a bikini


  • run  [Dec 2012]
  • run 1k without stopping
  • complete a pull-up
  • complete five pull-ups
  • complete ten burpees
  • perform a handstand
  • do a split
  • pole-dance


Be Able to Save My Own Life

  • swim at least half a mile
  • run non-stop 200 yards
  • jump over an obstacle higher than my waist
  • 15 simultaneous pull-ups
  • 25 dips


  • learn my credit score  [Jul 13, 2012]
  • pay off my medical bills  [summer 2016]
  • pay off my credit card  [Aug 2018]
  • pay off all my student loans
  • pay off Aximili’s loan
  • achieve zero debt (completely)
  • consistently have $3,000 in checking account
  • consistently have $2,000 in savings account
  • be worth $10,000  (with at least half in savings)
  • understand money  [Jul 2012]
  • lease or own a place (non-apartment) of my own again


  • skydive
  • go to an amusement park annually
  • water-ski
  • go on a hunting/fishing trip
  • hang-glide
  • bungee-jump
  • go actual rock-climbing
  • go to the Universal Studios theme park
  • spend the night in a haunted mansion
  • have David Bowie sing “Magic Dance” with me


  • own a motorcycle
  • own the entirety of Tolkein’s work  [Dec 2012]
  • own a sexy red dress  [2015]


  • attend a Super Bowl  [2017]
  • attend a WrestleMania  [2015?]
  • see a Cirque de Soleil show
  • see the Blue Man Group perform
  • take a NOLA voodoo tour
  • hear Lucy Lawless do the “Xena war cry” in person


  • live outside of “the south” for at least six months  [Feb 2016]
  • get on the interstate and start driving with no destination in mind
  • drive the Great River Road

Places to Visit

  • England
    • see the Rabbit Room in the Eagle & Child Pub in Oxford
  • Australia
    • go on Lord of the Rings tour
  • New Zealand
  • Egypt
  • Italy
    • Coliseum in Rome
  • Mexico (and drink cheap tequila)
  • Ireland
  • Canada  [Jun 2016]
    • Quebec
  • USA
    • New York City
      • see a broadway on Broadway
    • Las Vagas
      • gamble
    • Grand Canyon Glass Bottom Skywalk (Arizona)

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