Sobriety Saves



sobriety saves
(if I’m gonna bitch about the bad things about sobriety,
I might as well talk about the good too.)

  • I don’t have hangover headaches.
  • I get in fewer arguments with Brian.
  • I’m less likely to get a DUI/OWI.
  • I’m coming in late to work less frequently.
  • people aren’t on my ass about cutting back on or stopping Using.
  • I don’t have to lie about Using.
  • I fret less about where and how much alcohol or pills I have.


NOTE:  it took everything in my power not to attack each statement with a negative counterpoint.  that’s pretty damn impressive for me, btw.



Stuff I Will Hopefully Be Able to Add to the List Down the Road
(this is shit other people have listed in their blogs and the like)

  • easier to lose weight
  • clarity of thought
  • save money
  • fewer body aches
  • fewer headaches
  • feel more refreshed in morning
  • better sleep
  • connection with Higher Power
  • optimistic about future
  • happier; depression will get better
  • better appreciate my blessings
  • vomit less
  • stop destroying organs
  • memory improves

leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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