Sobriety Sucks



sobriety sucks
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  • being sober means waking up without a hangover, but with an intensified Death wish.
  • when Using, my life was consumed with chasing my Drugs.  while sober, my life is consumed with Rehab and Meetings.
  • social situations are stressful again.  fuck social anxiety.
  • people are less enjoyable and less attractive.
  • events are less tolerable.
  • being sober means remembering the night before, yet still hating and regretting it.
  • I love less and hate more.
  • Rehab is more expensive than my Addiction was.
  • while sober, my patience is shorter.
  • my Emotions are uncaged, in control, and pissed off.
  • living sober in southern Louisiana means I have little-to-no social life now.
  • I’m more tired now than I was when Using, because now I can’t fucking get any good sleep at night.
  • I’m having less sex.  (not because of a decrease in drive; rather, I no longer have the gumption to initiate it when I want it.)
  • without (specifically) alcohol, my poops are much more painful.  😦
  • though fewer, fights with Brian are worse.


DISCLAIMER:  this is not to say that being sober is awful, that all sober people are bullshitting you about their happiness, or that everything will always be awful.  rather, this is where I journal my complaints about sobriety semi-privately to keep from doing it in Group, in Meetings, or to my friends.



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