Christmas Cards!!

or Holiday Cards. or however the hell you call them. my cards, and I like alliteration — CHRISTMAS CARDS!!

go here and simply fill in your info, and you’ll (eventually) get a (belated) Christmas card.

let’s keep the USPS (and your own country’s too!) in business! XD

still Noisy, but less loud

been exactly a month since that last post.  not on purpose.  just how it works sometimes.

things are still Noisy in my Mind.

the Voices are coming back; although they are overall innocent.  they don’t give directions so much as they just talk amongst themselves.  chatty cathys are all they really are; basically harmless.

it’s the Noise that’s the problem.  and yes, that’s different.  Voices that give instructions are part of the Noise.  my own self-hatred and repetitive berating, my high pitch sound that whines in my head, the static that fuzzes over my attempts to escape — that’s all part of the Noise.  sometimes music can contribute to the Noise.

I can’t hardly handle it.  I’m supposed to take medication when it gets too bad. but how often will I admit that?  and many times, it gets really Noisy while I’m at work.  so yeah, let’s see about taking one of my klonopins or such then…


in other news, I am physically ill.  I seem to have a generic winter cold.  the snow up here has been quite beautiful, however.  and we may be going to celebrate Christmas with the same family that offered us a Thanksgiving last year.  truly kind and welcoming people they are.

Christmas cards are going to be very late this year, lol.  I’ll make a post with more details about all that later tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll be collecting addresses there too.  but in the meantime, we’re:  Brian, James, and Zero; 200 Nathan Ln N, Apt 111; Plymouth, MN 55441-6466  😉

that’s all for now.  maybe something more informative later…..

Christmas Card Exchange!! :D

I love snail mail.  I’m, like, seriously madly in love with it.  when not in a depressive phase (as I’ve obviously been), I may write up to three or four snail mails in a given week.  sometimes they’re a mere postcard; othertimes, it’s a five- or six-page letter.

anyway.  people do Christmas cards and shit.  I just do cards.  but I have some Christmas ones too.

TL;DR  do you want to receive a Christmas card from me??

hey complete strangers, this includes you.  those few who follow my blog but don’t really comment much?  you can still get a card in snail mail!  😀  how cool would that be??

anyway, you can contact me at Queen.of.the.Spades[at]gmail[dot]com

or you can send the letter first:
James Parker
104 Westwood Dr. #351
Lafayette, LA 70506

yes, I know that’s dangerous, putting my address up there.  whatever, I want snail mail.