getting dressed is hard

getting dressed in the morning is hard. I men, sometime brushing your teeth everyday is hard. or making sure to have at least one meal a day is hard. really, being alive in general is hard…. (thanks chronic illness!)

but I’m talking about a different kind of “hard”, as in legitimately difficult.  like, how to to fucking do it.

I don’t understand fashion. and I don’t care about it, so actively learning abput it is challenging. I understand colours, because I’m an artist. I understand complementary pieces, sense of an overall theme, etc. visually, I think I am fine.

but “no socks with sandals”, for example. that seems somewhat arbitrary. or when a longer skirt is better than a short one. and if the colours work, why can’t I play with black and brown together? is the white shoes after Labour Day still a thing?

there’s just so much I don’t get, and doubt I ever will. that being acknowledged,  I need to learn how to make what I have work.

the firm gave me a clothes stipend, and I’ve already purchased most of what I’ll be getting. but Sunday, I’ll be going to a “Clothes Mentor” store with a personal shopper who may can help me out further.

in the meantime, I just look like a dufus most days.