a Beau post

he’s hurting.  he’s struggling.  he’s working harder than I’ve ever seen before.  if only he had did this sooner.

Beau is not going to get his PhD.  we both know that.  I think I know that better than him.  because I have seen what is takes, and I’ve seen what he gives — and he never gives enough.

and I don’t think that’s his fault.  I just think he never improved.  (yes, I’m a fan of philosophies that are more semi-Thomas_Hobbes-influenced than otherwise (people are born “bad/evil”); so sue me.)

I had more thoughts on this, that were really provoking and intelligent.  but after I went piss and came back to the computer and looked up how to spell Thomas’s last name, I forgot it all.

I blame it on the alcohol.

anyway.  I can’t do anything for Beau.  he’s over there literally crying because he believes he’s going to fail.  if he were only like me and had accepted it already, he’d be moving on to find jobs wherein he and i won’t live in poverty at my parents’ old rickety, condemned trailer.  (no, seriously.  let me tell you about it one day!)

but until then, I will support his efforts.  I won’t agree with his efforts, but I will usually support them.  and I will always support Him.