Nerd Fitness Challenge Goals

I used to participate in Nerd Fitness Challenges every seven weeks.  I have been doing that for years.  since moving up here, however, I’ve stopped.  I tried a few times, and failed.  well, I’m trying again.

below is my write-up of my Goals for this Challenge.

and if you want to know more about what Nerd Fitness and its community is, please feel free to ask!  😀

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time to run

I signed up for a simple 5k walk/run.  it’s in June.  that gives me time to get back to a semblance of healthy, at least.  I was telling a co-workers — who I really hope I can legit befriend — about some of the fun 5ks I’ve done over the years: zombies, foam, colours, fun jump/bouncy castles, etc.  she then took it upon herself to find one she could walk for, and signed herself up.  she also signed up her partner, who said he would go to whatever she chose.  well, it wasn’t until after she’d paid the fees and whatnot that her man told her he would be running it, leaving her behind.  so I volunteered to go with her.  we could go at whatever pace she needed.  she seemed to both appreciate the sentiment and see the value in my offer, because she accepted it happily.

so in the middle of June, I’m doing another 5k.

this one is just two laps around a pond in St. Paul.  nothing spectacular.  but it was only $30, and it’s a charity run/walk.  so that works for me.  just something to get me moving again.

I’ve missed my 5ks.  I’ve missed being fit.  I’ve missed the smaller numbers on my scale, my clothes fitting, not having to suck in my gut because it expands past my breasts.  I’m tired of holding onto clothes because “maybe I’ll fit them again in a few months”, of constantly eating when I know I shouldn’t, of huffing and puffing while going up or down a set of stairs.  I’m just done with it.

so I need to come up with my plan.  it’s finally starting to warm.  so I might can start running outside soon.  I’m moderately looking forward to that (I usually hate running, because of my knees).  I’ll probably go back to the very first workout routine that worked for me.  I had the most success with it (some reasons for this were unrelated to the workout itself, granted), so why not try it again.  if it works again, then I know it’s a keeper.  if not, then I need to see what is the element or variable that’s fucking with my shit and preventing me from exercising.

I also need to look into my food plan.  I’m thinking 1,600 kcals/day, minus Tuesdays and Fridays (usually date nights, wherein I eat whatever Brian is eating more food than I should).

so that’s what I’ll work on tonight.  my fitness plan.  I may post up the deets when I’m finished.  undecided.

40 in 40

I will lose approximately 40 pounds in 40 weeks.

Guidelines  (subject to change)

  • Diet
    • log all foods when eating them
    • cook on weekends
    • low-carb
    • maximum fast food once a week
    • maximum caffeinated beverage once a day (must be prior to 1000h)
  • Exercise
    • Tue-Fri: DDR after group @ 9pm
    • Sat: lower after group @ 8pm (ab machine, calf raises, lunges, squats)
    • Sun: upper during Saints @ noon (bench press, military press, seated row, bicep curls, tricep extensions; optional stationary bike)
    • Mon:  optional rest day
  • Water
    • 3 liters water a day
  • Miscellanous
    • no alcohol or energy drinks


Starting // Goal

  • Date:  2014-11-10 // 2015-08-16
  • Weight:  165 lbs // 125 lbs
  • Body Fat:  37% // 18%
  • BMI:  27 // 20


Other Stats

  • Height: 5’6″ (66″)
  • Current BMR:  approx 1550 kcal (at 165 lbs)
  • Daily Consumption Goal:  1200 kcal
  • Weekly Expenditure Goal:  600 kcal



Fitness Update!!

it’s No-vember for me — no alcohol (or energy drinks) at all!  I’m gonna do my best.  I’ll fail sometimes; I know I will.  but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.  (I know at the least I’ll cut back, lol.)

as such, I’m tweaking my Guidelines.  they are adapted below.

MISSION: ultimately, I will achieve a body weight under 135 lbs and a body fat percentage under 25.



  • No-vember = No alcohol or energy drinks


  • Mon, Wed, Fri; afternoon: DDR or bike, even for just ten minutes


  • log all foods when eating them
  • cook on weekends
  • aim for low-carb
  • have maximum fast food once a week
  • have maximum caffeinated beverage once a day (must be prior to 1000h)

Miscellaneous Goals

  • 2 liters of water a day


(Starting // Goal)

  • Weight:  168.5 lbs // 130 lbs
  • Body Fat:  37.2% // 18.0%
  • BMI:  27.2 // 21.0

Other Stats

  • Height: 5’6″
  • BMR: approx 1573.1 kcal (at 170lbs)
  • Daily Consumption Goal: 1200 kcal
  • Daily Expenditure Goal: 200 kcal



I’ve found that the 6-week set-up of the NerdFitness Challenges are not the format that will work best for me.  I look at each Challenge as a separate attempt; and when I reach the end with little progress having been made, I classify the entire batch of effort as a failure.

instead, I will now catalogue my endeavours in a on-going thread here in the Battle Logs.  this will allow me to perceive my labour as a long-term, on-going adventure, rather than short bursts of suckiness.

the Guidelines will vary throughout the months, as things in my life change.  the 6-week structure did not allow that kindly; rather, a more growing and organic approach should.