I miss the Sun. I miss the Moon and its Stars. I miss bugs and insects. I miss birds. squirrels, racoons, neutria, ducks. I miss kids playing outside. I miss people hollering to one another scross streets, campuses, and offices. I miss “thanks you”, holding doors open, blessing people after sneezes, the “no clue clue who you are but have a great day anyway” nods and smiles.

I even miss the messy drama and loud ignorants sometimes.

zydeco music, thenreligion of food, crazy “I wasnso drunk that” stories, pickup trucks, proper manners, kindness, boots and camouflage, guns and confederate flags.

I miss the South.

I miss my home.

Minnesota is neat. the people are interesting, the weather is beautiful, the social care is impressive.

but it’s fast, so detached. everyone’s always inside, people never greet you, and there’s no interpersonal relationships.

apparently “real” big cities are worse. I could never survive it.

I think things will get easier as it gets warmer. there will be nore outdoor activities. and Rain. there’ll be Rain again.

it’s drizzling right now; it was raining lightly today. as beautiful as snow is, and as impressive as it is to see chuncks of ice fall out of the sky — Rain.

I wanted culture shock, adventure, something different. I’m getting it, and overall I really am enjoying it. but honestly, this will never be Home.

I may not need to go all the way back to Acadiana, or maybe not even Louisiana. but I will need the South back in my life eventually.

there’s a saying: “youcan  take a girl out of the South, but you never take the South out of the girl”.
for me, it’s more like, “you can take the girl out put the South, but she will always find her way back Home.”

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blog revamp time?

so the second WordPress Uni assignment is to analyze your blog’s title and tagline.  I like my tagline’s referencing my “misadventures”.  however, the title merely containing my name is rather lame.  so I need to ponder on some better ideas.

I kinda want to play with this southerner-in-the-north thing, highlighting the whole snow and winter shit up here.  maybe get a white, high contrast theme going on; put up some of those sneaux pics I have of Brian and me; maybe some blue text to emphasis the coldness up here.

I want my sidebar to still be present, but I want emphasis on the text in the posts, with the occasional highlights on an image or two.

so here are some ideas I’m working with:

  • The Southern Blue Belle in the North: A Louisiana Lass Relocated to Minnesota
  • …..

yeah, that’s kinda all I got right now.  but hey, I’m taking suggestions!! 😀

WordPress University: Blogging 101

Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

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WordPress’s “Blogging University: Blogging 101
January 2016 course //